heartwebI have been experimenting with masking fluid and acrylic inks. I really like the results, it kind of looks like a print. This is what I imagine a heart looks like after spending time in the jungle. Forever changed.

I Love Birds!!

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I have been painting some of the birds I see on my daily walk through Westport House. I love watching the birds, and listening to them chatter as I walk to my studio. One morning I saw a little Goldcrest digging among the leaves. They are tiny, only about the size of your thumb, but bursting with personality.

I painted these in oils, but I have to say it was a reminder of how labor intensive Oil Painting can be. Between waiting for the layers to dry, a single image can take weeks to complete. I do like the results, but I think I could have got a similar result with acrylics in half the time. I plan on framing these as prints and selling them, I think they will look lovely on the wall.