How to make a comic- video workshop

With Linenhall Art Centre and Melanie Whelan Illustration

This August I created a four part series ‘How to make a Comic’, for the Linenhall Arts centre in Castlebar. Each video is about 10 minutes long. All you need to join in is to grab a piece of paper and a pencil.

Would you like to learn how to make comics? I am available for teaching, so get in touch!

Ciudad Perdida ( again!)

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Do you have a project that just won’t quit? You start it and stop it, and never quite get there? For me that’s Ciudad Perdida. It’s a full length graphic novel that’s roughly sketched out on paper, but every time I go to create the finished pieces, it doesn’t seem to work. Well this week I finished a 16 page extract and sent it off to the Myriad First Graphic Novel competition. It’s not quite as good as it was in my head, but then again nothing ever is.

Dispatches from the West



I am so happy to announce that I am the winner of the DCAF/ Artmines printing prize. This means I have real life physical copies of my comic available. I will add them available to buy asap. I had such a great time at DCAF talking to other comic book artists, and buying loads of comics. ‘Dispatches’ contains 3 short stories, all based on living life in the wonderful west of Ireland. I hope you all enjoy my first efforts, and all feedback is welcome

It’s here … The Mountain that moved


“Hello!” called the Mountain “Hello!”. As per usual, she got no response from the people in the city below. The people are the Mountain’s favourite creatures, but they seem to have forgotten all about the Mountain. Maybe it’s time for the Mountain to try something new. Take a journey, with the Mountain that Moved…

This is a really unique product. Published by Badly Made Books in Cork, the book is Risograph printed in vibrant soya based inks, including a fluoro pink. The paper is recycled which gives the pages an amazing texture. You can snap up your own limited edition copy here, at my new shop.

The Mountain that Moved version 2.0


Here is a sneak peak of the new improved ‘The Mountain that moved’. I have been editing and improving the story, and adding some new artwork. It will be published by Badly Made books, based in Cork in the coming weeks. Badly Made books is a Cork based Publisher that use recycled paper and traditional methods, so it’s a perfect home for the Mountain that Moved. More info coming soon !!

Outsider Magazine

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This Month I created an Illustration for Outsider Magazine. This was my first Editorial Illustration, so it was a bit of a ‘practise run’. Outsider magazine is a great magazine, full of inspirational stories to make you want to get outside more! Get your copy at all good newsagents and see my Illustration for yourself.

Wild Nephin

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I have been working on a full length graphic novel: Journey to Cuidad Perdida. I took a break however to work on a shorter 3 page story, just to get some drawing practice. I made this piece using colouring pencils, gouache and inks. I find consistency challenging, but I think towards page 3, I was starting to get the hang of it! Click here to read the full story.




heartwebI have been experimenting with masking fluid and acrylic inks. I really like the results, it kind of looks like a print. This is what I imagine a heart looks like after spending time in the jungle. Forever changed.

I Love Birds!!

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I have been painting some of the birds I see on my daily walk through Westport House. I love watching the birds, and listening to them chatter as I walk to my studio. One morning I saw a little Goldcrest digging among the leaves. They are tiny, only about the size of your thumb, but bursting with personality.

I painted these in oils, but I have to say it was a reminder of how labor intensive Oil Painting can be. Between waiting for the layers to dry, a single image can take weeks to complete. I do like the results, but I think I could have got a similar result with acrylics in half the time. I plan on framing these as prints and selling them, I think they will look lovely on the wall.