Journey to Qiudad Perdida


Journey to Ciudad Perdida pages 1 and 2


Journey to Ciudad Perdida pages 3 and 4





These pieces are from a graphic novel that I have started and am yet to finish. It is an adventure story about a 3 day hike in the Colombia Jungle to Ciudad Perdida, the ancient ruins of a lost city. The hike is difficult one full of steep hills and river crossings. The trail is difficult to follow, but when the rain starts to fall everything starts to go horribly wrong …

This is based on my own experiences hiking in the Colombian jungle. This was the beginning of my efforts to represent atmosphere and emotion, in the landscape. I wanted to portray the vitality and life of the jungle, but also the very real danger it presented. I hope with all that I have learned over the last two years studying MA Authorial Illustration, I will be able to use these pages as a starting point and complete this project.

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