St.Ives to Zennor


A simple cover


Blackberries and ferns painted in oils on glassine paper


This delicate circle represents how the sun looked at noon


This image in inks and Acrylics represents the every changing currents of the sea


This images were taken using an under water go pro camera

This book represents a walk that took place in September 2015 from St.Ives to Zennor on the Cornish coast. The aim of this project is an exploration. I wanted to see if it was possible to describe an experience in the natural world without using traditional images of Landscape.

I have tried to represent more abstract aspects such as a change in weather, or the waves crashing below. In a traditional guide book, the reader would be provided with maps and photographic images. I am hoping that by never satisfying the readers visual curiosity to see images of the Land, I will instead engage their curiosity.

The image themselves change medium and style throughout the book. This represents the ever changing landscape on the walk. I used a variety of papers and mediums. From underwater photography to Acrylic and oil paints, I used whichever medium best suited the emotion I was trying to express.

I really enjoyed working in this way and I am hoping to continue on the project. This book was the based on one afternoons walk, but I would like to apply the concept to a much longer walk in a less familiar destination. I feel this idea has a lot of potential for future projects.

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