The Mountain that Moved

It’s here! Roll up, roll up. I am finally finished my first Children’s picture book: The Mountain that moved. This story, ‘The Mountain that moved’ is told from the point of view of a lonely Mountain. The Mountain decides to try being an Island for a while which leads to chaos in the City below. The story is inspired by the Dublin Mountains near my home, that are covered in a non native pine plantation. Unfortunately this habitat is not suitable for most native creatures and leads to a kind of dead zone under the trees. Last June when I was on the Mountain doing some drawing I began to think, ‘what if the Mountain got fed up of being treated this way and decided to leave’.This idea led to the picture book ‘The Mountain that moved’.

This book is designed to foster a positive relationship between the child reader and the Land where we all live. I hope to inspire a sense of curiosity and caring about our surroundings, where ever that may be.  The story is told in an exciting and engaging manner. The artwork is mixed media throughout. The majority of the illustrations are  acrylic and colouring pencil. I have also used collage for some of the more significant scenes.  I have used gate folds and cut outs to compliment the playful nature of the story.

Below are some spreads from the book and you can see a video of the entire book here





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